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Corian solid surface countertops have always been innovative. Because the material is so adaptable and comes in so many colors and styles, Corian solid surface countertops have been the go-to material for creative countertop solutions in the home and office. The durability and antibacterial properties make it the perfect solution for even the most demanding homes and workspaces.

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kitchen with corian riverbed countertops
kitchen with corian hazelnut countertops
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Why Choose Corian Countertops

There are a lot of reasons to choose Corian for your countertop. Here are seven of the best reasons:

Corian is super durable so it can survive the daily wear and tear of your family. So Corian countertops continue to keep their beauty even if they get nicked or cut from abuse. You can also refinish the solid surface to make it look like new at any time.

Corian solid surface countertops have always been remarkably durable. Corian countertop’s unique solid surface composition means it cannot delaminate. When installed by Pence, the joints are seamless so they cannot be penetrated by fluids. This versatility makes Corian solid surface countertops ideal for both the home and business locations.

Since Corian countertops are made from a non-porous material, dirt and stains are not able to penetrate the surface. If any marks or stains do appear on the countertop, a Scotchbrite® pad and household cleaner can easily remove them.

Since the Corian countertop surface is smooth and non-porous, liquids are not able to penetrate the material. This makes your countertop easy to clean and hygienic, since bacteria and mold have nowhere to hold onto. When Corian looks clean, it really is clean.

If for some reason your Corian countertop IS damaged, it can be repaired. By rubbing with a Scotchbrite® pad  and a household cleaner, heavy stains and scratches can be completely erased. In the unlikely event your Corian solid surface countertop gets damaged with deep scratches or nicks, or a section needs to be replaced, we can help.  Our Corian countertop resurfacing services can make your countertop look like new again.

At Pence we use color-coordinated joint adhesive to create inconspicuous seams. Your countertop looks like a continuous smooth surface. You are able to create large designs that look like they are fashioned from a single piece. These Corian joining techniques make sure there are no cracks or crevices to trap dirt and bacteria.

Corian solid surface countertops have been certified as free from dangerous chemicals (GreenGuard Gold, Red List) and have very low volatile organic compounds. This allows Corian countertops to contribute to cleaner air and to Greenbuilding certification.