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HI-MACS is a premium quality non-porous countertop material that can be worked like wood and also has exceptional thermoforming and translucent properties that can be turned into all sorts of countertop designs. HI-MACS is easy to maintain and prevents growth of bacteria and mold. HI-MACS also uses recycled content in some colors and styles for environmentally friendly certifications. To browse the colors of HI-Macs visit the HI-Macs website

modern kitchen with himacs solid surface countertops
modern himacs sink
kitchen counter with himacs countertop
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Why Choose HI-MACS Countertops

There are lots of reasons to choose HI-MACS for your next countertop.

HI-MACS countertops have similar durability to natural stone.  This strength allows HI-MACS  countertops to resist the wear and tear of years of family living. If you should get a deep gouge or scratch, Pence can refinish the solid surface to make it look like new even after years of abuse.  

HI-MACS countertops are made from high quality materials which deliver reliable durability and performance. The thermoforming aspect of HI-MACS solid surface makes it a great material for any project.

HI-MACS countertops are made from a solid surface material that is non-porous. This non-porous quality and the nearly seamless joining method we use to create your countertop make the surface easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

Low Maintenance
HI-MACS countertops are built to last a lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, HI-MACS will stand up to everyday wear and tear and remain beautiful for years to come. Cleanup is easy since the non-porous material repels stains and liquids.

HI-MACS can be heated and shaped, which means it can be used to achieve 3D aspects for the most demanding designs.

HI-MACS is a part of Sustainable LG Hausys and also believes that we must not only limit the impact we have on the planet but we should also improve through conscious product design, well-planned by-product management, and energy and water efficiencies.

HI-MACS Colors
There are a more than 135 color options for HI-MACS countertops. You can learn more about the colors of HI-MACS at their website

HI-MACS Solid Surface Sinks

HI-MACS doesn’t only make great countertops. HI-MACS solid surface kitchen and bath sinks are made of the same hi-performance materials to make your sink a seamless part of your bathroom or kitchen countertop. Sink designs run from traditional to modern. For a complete list of available HI-MACS sink types visit the HI-MACS sinks webpage

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