Remodeling Your Kitchen

A Smart Home Improvement

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? You’re not alone. With the cost of new home construction continually rising, and significantly fewer resale homes on the market in recent years, more homeowners are choosing to stay at their current residence and invest in renovation projects like a kitchen remodel that will give their home a fresh facelift.  


The thought of a kitchen remodel or any home remodeling project can seem daunting at first, but if you focus your efforts on one part of the home and enlist the help of an experienced contractor, you can not only transform the look and feel of the space but you can also change the way you utilize the space – making it more functional for the way you live.

The Evolution of the Kitchen Space

Today’s most popular home improvement project, and the one that can add the most value back into your home, is a kitchen remodel.

There are many kitchen features that you can consider updating. Floors can be refinished or replaced with new and more durable materials, cabinets can be upgraded with new features like soft-close hinges, old appliances can be swapped out with more energy-efficient models, and lighting fixtures or backsplash can be replaced with trendier designs. And countertops – often the most used (and often abused!) space in a kitchen – can also be updated.

Back in the day, kitchen counters and kitchen islands primarily served one purpose – to be the spot where meals were prepared and eaten with the family. But today, kitchen countertops and kitchens in general have evolved into the home office, the remote classroom, and often the main gathering space for family and friends.

The Benefits of Solid Surface Countertops for the Kitchen

Because the modern-day kitchen countertop is often multi-functional, it’s important to invest in the right kind of product and material when remodeling. A solid surface countertop can often be the ideal choice when picking out a new countertop for your space.

Non-Porous. Solid surface countertops are made of non-porous material that helps eliminate bacteria and creates a cleaner, healthier space. It’s a big reason why solid surface counters are popular in both home and commercial settings.

Many Styles to Choose From. Solid surface kitchen countertops are available in many unique color and pattern choices. There’s a style to reflect practically any design trend, from traditional classic to contemporary.

Easy Maintenance. The non-porous and seamless characteristics of a solid surface countertop make it easy to clean and maintain. If a scratch occurs, it can easily be removed through buffing. Older solid surface countertops can even be given new life through refinishing.

Learn more about the advantages of solid surface countertops.

Where to Put New Kitchen Countertops

Before your kitchen update begins, evaluate all the spaces where your new countertops could go. The versatility of solid surface countertops makes it easy to install them anywhere – a breakfast nook, butler’s pantry, bar area, food prep areas, even drainboards and wireless charging stations.

The versatility of solid surface countertops also makes them a smart and economical choice for home remodeling projects beyond the kitchen. They are good match for bathroom countertops, especially because they are easy to clean and prevent bacteria growth which can lead to mold and mildew. And their seamless structure allows a bathroom countertop to be shaped to just about any bathroom space, small or large, with easy installation.

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