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Installation of your solid surface countertops should be trusted to the experts. This gives you peace of mind and ensures the safety and functionality of your space. But before countertop installation happens, there is lots of additional planning and prep work that needs to take place.

Pence Countertops has an in-house team of skilled professionals that can help you with every phase of your project – from countertop and sink selection to fabrication and final installation.

Choosing Your Sink

The type of sink you want for your new bath or kitchen remodel should be decided when you’re making your countertop selection. And one of the many benefits of going with solid surface countertops is you have flexible sink options, Some other types of countertop surfaces are limited to having just an undermount sink, which is held in place with clips or a strong adhesive and can sometimes have a small gap between the sink and counter.


Solid surface countertops accommodate integral (or integrated) sinks, which is a sink and countertop in one – designed and fabricated as a cohesive piece with no seams. They are often popular in a modern-style kitchen or bathroom, but design options are practically limitless. You can also opt for an undermount stainless steel sink or a self-rimming drop-in sink.    

Taking Solid Surface Countertop Measurements

Once you’ve made your countertop and sink selection for your bath or kitchen remodel, the next step is taking measurements and preparing a template of the area where the countertops will be installed.

The old-school method for making countertop templates used a heavy plastic or Masonite board to physically build a mock countertop that was then used to trace and fabricate the counter.

Today, Pence Countertops utilizes computer modeling for template creation. Our team uses a portable laptop with digital lasers to record measurements, which are transferred directly to our CNC (automated machining) equipment at our in-house fabrication shop. This is the same advanced technology used for our large commercial projects, and it is highly customized and significantly cleaner, faster, and more precise than traditional templating methods.  

Completing Your Installation

Following template completion, you’re less than two weeks away from having the solid surface countertops of your dreams. Our team schedules a time for our countertop installers to visit your home and finish the project. And because we do all of the prep work in-house at our fabrication shop, the entire installation process typically takes less than two hours (in some cases, under one hour).


Pence goes to great lengths to safeguard your home during the installation process – wearing shoe protection and covering your floors and all other areas around the work zone. We’ll do a thorough cleanup as well – the only thing we’ll leave behind is your amazing new countertop.

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